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 Planet Aid, Inc. supports Child Aid community Development programs operated by members of the Federation Humana People to People worldwide.The program is based upon an adaptable model that changes to suit the needs of each community. The program has different focus areas, or lines, that it pursues in order to help people create sustainable Development and improve the lives of future generations.

Currently Planet Aid, Inc. operates Farmers’ Club programs in Mozambique and Malawi through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and in-country implementing partners ADPP Mozambique and DAPP Malawi.
Currently many developing nations are suffering from a shortage of well  qualified teachers,     especially in rural areas where they are needed the most.  Since Planet Aid is dedicated to helping create sustainable Development in the countries where we work, it is natural that we give our utmost support to programs that support the education of children. Planet Aid, Inc. supports DNS Teacher Training programs operated by members of the Federation Humana People to People worldwide DNS Teacher Training is a program, created and designed by members of Humana People to People, to address the growing need for primary school teachers in rural areas of the developing world. The program operates in conjunction with local and national authorities on education in order to produce passionate, qualified graduates. In addition to teachers who are invested in the education of their students, the program seeks to produce teachers who also serve as community leaders.
Vocational schools cater to young men and women who cannot continue with their education due to a lack of funds and those who cannot take up any form of employment because they lack the necessary technical skills. The aim of the vocational training is to train youth who will promote rural Development by going back to work in their communities of origin. After graduation they have technical skills necessary for them to contribute to the Development of their country.


Planet Aid collection bin

Planet Aid collection bin

Our steel collection bins are custom made and are designed for safe and easy use. They feature a large security chute at the front, similar to that used for a mailbox. Clothing bags and loose items go into the chute, but it is impossible for others to reach in and remove them. We know that having a secure collection bin is a key functional quality. Simple donation instructions are painted onto the front plate of the security chute.

The bins have approximately a 4 x 4 footprint and stand 7 feet tall, roughly the size of a soda machine. Planet Aid carries liability insurance to cover the bins. Our insurance agent will issue a liability insurance certificate should you request it.

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